missionbreakout.london THE ESCAPE GAME EVOLUTION - LONDON

Cool student activity to do in London


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Cool student activity to do in London




You are a student and you are looking for a new cool activity to do in London or cool things to do when you are bored at schoolLook no further !


MISSION: BREAKOUT - LONDON is a perfect indoor activity to discover the escape game evolution concept near Euston college and universities !


Challenge yourself, challenge your friends to escape from the disused tube station and enjoy an unique and immersive experience !


The mission is a 60 minutes unusual cool activity of brain teaser challenge game in an unexpected place that will blow your mind !


Enjoy the new entertaining indoor game open from Monday to Sunday, 9am - 11pm, bank holidays and school holidays !


We charge £28 per player (including VAT)

Duration 60 minutes
Nb. of players 3 to 6 players
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