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new quirky indoor activity to do in London


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new quirky indoor activity to do in London


When we had the idea to make our own escape game, we first thought that we had to find a new unusual and quirky place to take the escape room game concept to a higher level.


We really think that the immersion is the key of the great experience we want to offer to our players.


It took times and numerous fruitless property visits but we finally found what we were looking for:


A disused tube station located in the borough of Camden !


South Kentish Town tube station opened in 1907 but has closed in 1924 due to low passengers use.


During the Blitz of the Second World War, the station was adapted for use as an air raid shelter where Londoners took refuge from bombing.


In 1951, the infamous tube station was the subject of a story written by John Betjeman broadcasted on the BBC relating the incident of a passenger lost in the abandoned basement; but no one knows if he could escape


The historic character building already has its extraordinary story and we just have to respect it !


Will you dare to be part of the game and join us down  the «  Ghost tube station » of London?


We can’t wait to bring you back in time and present you our mind blowing script based on a fantastic true story !


Enjoy the unique entertaining indoor game open from Monday to Sunday9am - 11pmbank holidays and school holidays ! 


We charge £28 per player (including VAT)

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