missionbreakout.london THE ESCAPE GAME EVOLUTION - LONDON

The perfect conference activity in London


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The perfect conference activity in London


Looking for a fun activity to round off your conference in London?



Bring the team to Mission: Breakout – London to add the fun at the end of a day of hard work.


Our immersive escape room is perfect for bringing a team together, and it requires good communication and team work to solve the puzzles and escape before time runs out.



Themed around the codebreakers of the second world war, you will work as a team of agents attempting to crack the enigma code, while the bombs of the Blitz are falling.



This unique escape game is sure to get your blood pumping and brains working, and give your team something to talk about over the drinks you may just need afterwards.



You have plenty of places to choose from, as we are located in Kentish Town, right next to Camden Town, which is full of cool pubs and restaurants.



Book your sessions here! We are open every day, 9am-11pm.



Duration 60 minutes
Nb. of players 3-6 players
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